Mosquito And Fly Repellants For Dogs

Both flies and mosquitoes can be a source of inconvenience and irritation to your dog and you. They can even cause serious illnesses with long term effects. Diseases such as heartworm disease should be avoided by getting an appointment from a mosquito control company in Severna Park. However, given below is a list of some insect repellants you can use for dogs.

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Safe Repellants

Since you have a large variety of chemicals and organic materials to choose from, you should determine the right and wrong sources. Given below are some repellants ensuring your dog remaining mosquito and fly-free without causing harm to their coat, skin, or general health.

·    Basil: If you plant basil plants around your house in small pots, you will surely repel mosquitoes not just for your dog but also for yourself.

·    Lemon balm: These plants are known for attracting butterflies and bees. However, mosquitoes stay away from them.

·    Rosemary: Rosemary plants are known for repelling mosquitoes. However, if your dog tends to chew plants, it is best not to use them because a high dosage of this plant might be lethal as well.

·    Peppermint: Much like Rosemary, you shouldn’t plant peppermint if your dog tends to chew plants. A high dosage of this plan can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

·    Vectra 3D: This dog-friendly ointment is perfect for repelling all insects. However, it should never be used on cats.

·    K9 Advantix: Both K9 Advantix and Vectra 3D should be used on a monthly basis to repel flies and mosquitoes.

·    Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth is safe to use on your dog if it is organic and not chemically spiked for pool cleaning. This chemical kills flea eggs before they hatch, stopping the infestation.


The safest mosquito repellants are the organic ones. They keep both you and your dog safe by repelling mosquitoes from your vicinity.